Our Construction Services

Owner’s Representative

Owner’s representative services provide owners with capable resources and peace of mind to make their projects a success. For owners whose teams may not have the required depth of resources or personnel to look after every component of a project, Construction Management Consulting Group (CMCG) offers tailored services including staff augmentation to level peaks in demand for stressed facilities staff. As the owner’s representative, CMCG serves as an extension of the owner’s staff. We provide guidance through a project’s life cycle, protecting owner interests and offering value-added resources to ensure success. As the project’s eyes and ears, the CMCG team of engineers, architects, estimators, schedulers, and claims and surety specialists use their hands-on experience and expertise to provide clients with technical knowledge to make informed and timely decisions..

Owner’s Representative Services:

  • Serve as a single point of contact throughout the design and construction processes
  • Analyze constructability
  • Advise on project delivery systems and contract forms
  • Represent the owner at key meetings
  • Monitor the schedule and budget
  • Audit quality assurance and quality control procedures
  • Assist in evaluating contractor payment requests
  • Provide monthly reporting
  • Facilitate issue resolution
CMCG Denver Owner's Representative Services
Denver Owner's Rep Consulting Services

Real Estate Development

Real estate development can be a complex tapestry of connections and negotiations, filings, and approvals. We get it. Because we’re developers and we understand firsthand the challenges and opportunities you face. Our collective insights in design, construction, real estate ownership, and management allow us to work through complexities and manage every aspect of a project for you, from site analysis and acquisitions to economic incentive structuring and negotiations.
For us, success means developing projects that don’t just fill an empty site, they transform it. Whether it is breathing new life into an underused urban parcel or helping to shape the direction of a suburban community, we embrace visionary ideas that shape the community story.

Real Estate Development Services:

  • Site selection advisement
  • Feasibly and Proforma analyst
  • Planning application assistance and presentation
Real Estate Development Consulting Denver
Construction Consulting Services Denver

Construction Consulting

We offer expert consulting to mitigate risk throughout the planning, construction, and closeout phases of your projects. Our full-time construction consultants conduct an initial review of project documents to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all aspects and provide in-depth analysis, clear conclusions, and practical recommendations.

With the information you need to make informed business decisions in hand, our team applies that same level of acumen to monitoring construction. While most projects start out on time and on budget, few stay that way; most projects experience budget and schedule challenges. Proactively identifying and evaluating issues helps prevent major project disruptions. Our construction professionals assist you through closeout, as you ensure your projects are completed to scope and have optimal ongoing management and maintenance practices in place.

Our team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals provide the flexibility you want backed by the depth of experience you need. CMGC’s industry-leading consulting provides next-level analysis for next-level business decisions.

We Make Permits Easy.

Building permit expediting is not simply couriering construction documents to the respective building departments. Our system prepares a complete building permit application which includes a project summary outlining the scope of work and identifying conditions requiring special attention. This process saves the plan review professional valuable time and expedites the issuance of the building permit.


  • Building permit expediting
  • Comprehensive project budgeting and scheduling
  • Manageable budget solutions
  • Advising Design Professionals on constructability
  • Energy Alternatives and sustainability
  • Budget and design alignment
  • Project management, observation, and reporting
  • Project completion management
Building Permit Expediting Denver

What Our Clients Say

I would recommend Construction Management Consulting Group, LLC  to assist you in the development and construction of your new construction/development project.  This firm understands project entitlements, project management, construction budgeting and scheduling which are key elements in developing a successful project in today’s competitive marketplace.  They are very professional, and the consulting work is extremely helpful. 

Paul J. Stann

As a restaurant developer and consultant, I have involved Construction Management Consulting Group in the process of due diligence of project construction cost and feasibility. They have been thorough and timely on any issue or concerns. They are not only knowledgeable in this process but deliver on time and in a manner than is conducive to sound business practice.

Michael Ditchfield

Construction Management Consulting Group’s skillset goes far beyond the expediting of permits, and they are capable of all aspects of construction management as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with Construction Management Consulting Group as much as I did.